Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Under the Darkroom Lights Part II

Paper negatives of pinhole images

            Round two of the pinhole photography workshop. Thanks again to the Youth Arts Alliance for bringing this fun activity to The Art Lab. Hooray for easy access to creative happenings!

            A vintage piece of luggage and some leftover foam padding made a great case for Granny. I felt quite stylish toting it around.

All tucked in!

           Here are my digital renderings of those paper negatives:

The first one is always a little wonky.

I rushed this composition and left out my lil' balloon dog.

That's better. Hello, lil' balloon dog!

Seems I captured a ghost! Is this typer haunted?!

             Overall, I am happiest with two of the pinhole images. So, I framed them together and gave them as a gift to my brother for Christmas.

Make and give gifts!

            The other two were made in a rush. (I was excited, ok?!) I'm learning that I need to slow down, take my time, and not get impatient with myself. 

            I had a great time meeting some new people who had a variety of experience levels. Some were trying out this process for the first time. Nice to see a heathy interest in pinhole imagery, and darkroom work experience.

            Granny made a gracious model for this photo shoot. I knew she would! Go ahead and take a bow, old girl!

That's all, folks! Have a happy New Year!! See you again sometime in 2022!!!


  1. Nice! (both the new case for the folding Corona, and the pinhole photography of same) (: