Monday, November 8, 2021

Under the Darkroom Lights

Paper Negatives made by pinhole camera

        I went to a pinhole photography workshop at the MSU Broad Art Museum recently and really enjoyed learning about this fascinating process. Getting images was an exciting and stimulating experience. Thank you, to the Youth Arts Alliance for bringing this workshop to The Art Lab.

        I brought the images home and began working out how to invert the images. I downloaded a photo editing program and figured it out fairly easily. A little bit of tweaking and here's what I came up with. 

        If I get a chance to do this again I would like to bring a prop. I'm thinking typewriter, perhaps Granny, after I blow the dust out of her first, of course.

        Did you know there is a Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day? The next one will be on April 24, 2022. Add that event to your calendar and while you wait, check out some images from the gallery of the last Pinhole Day.

        And now I will leave you with some advice that has clearly withstood the test of time!

Newspaper clipping found in dictionary purchased at an estate sale

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Under the Radar

Lately I've been enjoying limiting the amount that I share... until I didn't have a phone for three weeks (going on four) and sharing anything became much more difficult.

No phone calls, no texts, no pictures--ack!

My old phone died unexpectedly. I know I should have upgraded earlier. That would have saved a great hassle. But that's all that it's been, a trouble, a nuisance. I realize problems could be much worse.

Normally I'm fine setting the phone aside. For most of the day it sits on the counter practically untouched. However, since this was not a willing choice, I've been feeling a little dysfunctional without it.

I'm not sure when 'll have a phone again. Hopefully soon because I have not been without a phone for this long in my adult life. For now I will be keeping a low profile, reluctantly.

Nevertheless, I did the writing prompt for the most recent episode of Typewriter Club LIVE!  Thought I might share it this way and see what happens. Thanks to all those fun folks that make the show a delight to watch; you know who you are!

So, here it is, my short essay for the writing prompt: "If typewriters could talk mine would say..."

I'm really hoping to get to my first segment flush sometime soon. I think I'm ready for the challenge. Lord knows this swell gal will really enjoy the spa works! (And now I feel a little silly for thinking of it as a challenge considering those who might happen to read this post, but hey! It's my first time!) 

Take care, y'all! And reach out to someone you care about today because you never know when someone is struggling with feelings of isolation. Let's keep lifting each other up!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Under the Microscope

A microscope attachment for my phone? Yes, please!

I really enjoy making these little image collages out of the snapshots that can be captured so easily!

I can get lost in this microscopic new world! Perhaps that's where I've been for the last two months? What is time?

I am a believer in the "use what you have" mentality; at the time we had snow, so, yeah, snowflakes.

Small and insignificant but ubiquitous, the secret code of the industrial printing machines.

More to come in some future post because I am fond of this tiny (pun intended!) gadget!