Thursday, January 7, 2021

Under the Table

            My kids can read me under the table. They zip through chapter books at a rate that astounds me. I wish I could keep up with them. Maybe someday.

            Here's my 2020 Reading List reviews in a nutshell.  Firstly, I did not realize White's novel about King Arthur would take me a year to read, but am glad to have taken the time to do so. It's definitely a book I would consider re-reading (right now if it weren't for all the other books I'm anxious to get to-- again, maybe someday!). I now understand that I need to read more books by Sedaris, a hilariously entertaining storyteller. Paris's and Wilkin's books were helpful. I found Stark's book insightful. Finally, Ruhl's delightful book reminded me to do more writing of my own.

            On to accumulating titles for 2021's reading list! I hope you found something good to read in the past year!


  1. At the beginning of every year I tell myself that I WILL become a more well-read person. At the end of every year I learn that I've once again managed to disappoint myself in this regard. Sigh.

    1. Audiobooks. Seriously. Having someone read to me while I'm washing dishes or putting away laundry helped me fall back in love with reading. They are great for getting me out of a slump or through longer books like Catch-22 by Joseph Heller and On the Road by Jack Kerouac (yay! typewriters!). Thanks for commenting. It makes the void feel a little less void-y. :)

  2. If you think Sedaris is funny to *read*, wait'll you hear him on the radio (or I guess podcast now). :D

  3. Ted, Sedaris is great to listen to! Got the audiobook Me Talk Pretty One Day. I love the way he tells his stories. So brilliant!